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Capture Slow-motion Cinematography

Check out these 4 easy steps to capture some slow cinematic drama!

Got a sec? Or maybe a little longer?

We’d like to share some quick tips on a slow topic. Slow-motion cinematography adds a little extra drama to make any video epic. Join us—and our furry star—in creating some slow motion video magic!

  1. Set to slo-mo.

    iPhone: Select the camera icon. Swipe to Slo-Mo option. Tap to record.
    Android: Select the camera icon. Swipe right to reveal camera modes. Tap Slow-Motion.
    Note: some Android camera functions and menus look a little different. If yours doesn’t look like ours, open the camera function and check the mode menu for Slow Motion. It should be easy to find.

  2. Set the scene.

    Sometimes smartphone cinematic magic is planned out, and sometimes it’s all about spontaneity. Get in position, focus on your target and hit record as you call, “Action!” Or in this case, something like: “Here, kitty, kitty!”

  3. Edit for dramatic effect.

    Your slow motion video plays over 8x slower than regular video. Once you’ve filmed it, you can edit your footage through the camera app on your phone. You can even set part of the footage to play at normal speed, and part of it to slo-mo.

  4. Repeat!

    Setting the most dramatic moment in your video to slow motion can create a fun sense of anticipation. Or, record high-energy moments in slo-mo (think kids blowing raspberries or jumping on the backyard trampoline) and set the mood to silly! Don’t be afraid to experiment with your slo-mo capabilities!

It’s that easy. Save your videos, post them to Facebook, or use them to entertain your office mates. We like to put our slo-mo videos on a loop for our feline talent, Colonel Mittens, to admire.