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Using your tablet for at-home learning

Being stuck at home and away from the classroom can present some unique challenges for you and your kiddos. That’s where tablets and iPads come in handy. Whether you’re homeschooling your kids, helping them stay connected to their teachers during self-quarantine, or just want to keep their minds active, here are some benefits to using tablets for at-home learning:

Easy to Use

Laptops and computers can be more complicated and require software installations, but a quick app download on a tablet can have your student engaged and learning in no time.

Apps and Resources Readily Available

Some schools have a dedicated app that teachers use to distribute lessons and homework, like Canvas or Google Classroom. If not, there are plenty of apps that can help your student keep track of their homework, get extra help in subjects like math and English, study flash cards, and more. Here are some of our favorite educational apps:

Kahoot! (iOS & Android)

Kahoot! is an interactive study game that makes learning way more fun. Teachers can create questions to ask their students, or you can choose from hundreds of pre-made games for any subject or skill level. You can even play Kahoot! with the whole family on your TV.

Trello (iOS & Android)

Trello is the perfect app for keeping group projects on task. Students can create checklists, assign tasks to certain group members, upload photos, and more. After all, teamwork makes the dream work!

WolframAlpha (iOS & Android)

WolframAlpha is one of the most powerful knowledge and computational programs out there. You can plug in virtually any math or chemistry problem and it will walk you through it, calculate units and measurements, answer trivia questions and so much more. You can even have a little fun and ask it to tell you a joke. It’s also compatible with your tablet’s Voice Assistant, making it even easier to ask tough homework questions.

StudyBlue (iOS & Android)

StudyBlue is a flashcard app that helps you prepare for any quiz, test, or homework assignment. Students can create their own flashcards or choose from pre-made cards made by teachers or other students. These flashcards can also be turned into practice quizzes to help you track your progress.

Paperless Homework

Rather than printing out your child’s homework and keeping track of completed assignments, everything can be saved directly to your device and easy to access. If your student is in direct communication with their teachers online, they can submit assignments quickly and receive feedback quickly, too.

If you’re worried about a tablet being too distracting, remember to set those parental controls and screen time limits before handing them over to your kids. For an extra layer of security, try the Verizon Smart Family Companion app (iOS & Android). It helps parents keep an extra eye on the content their kiddos are consuming, keep up with their location, manage calls and texts, and more.

Looking for the perfect tablet or iPad for you and your kiddos? Swing by your nearest Cellular Sales location to check them out. We’re also offering curbside services at most locations to keep you and our employees safe. Contact your store for more details.


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