Try a Glamping Staycation!

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Put some comfort and tech in your backyard camping trip this summer!

Backyard camping is a perfect staycation. Better yet, try backyard glamping! There’s no need to leave the comforts of home behind; take your tablets, smartphones, air mattresses and sense of adventure outdoors!

What’s glamping, you might ask? Basically, it’s camping, but … more comfortable. The word is a mashup of “glamorous” and “camping.”

Read on for some backyard entertainment ideas and some of our favorite apps to enhance your own glamping trip.

Temporary Palace

Camping doesn’t have to mean sleeping on the cold, lumpy ground. Air mattresses are pretty sweet these days. And if you need style in your life, throw down a rug and some toss pillows. You could even set up a living area under an awning next to your tent. You might not want to move back indoors!

kid with jar of fireflies

Put on a Show

After sunset, use your phone’s flashlight function to cast shadows and make puppet shows against the tent wall.

Set up your phone as a projector to stream your favorite movies. Use a sheet, or even the side of your house, and a Bluetooth speaker to get the best sound quality for your outdoor theatre. It’s better than a drive-in!

And, of course, we love the Wonderboom 2! It’s waterproof and portable, and it sounds great.

Just be prepared for unexpected guests around your campsite—the neighbors might not be able to resist a movie al fresco!

Bedtime Stories

If you’re camping with young kids, there’s no need to leave their favorite bedtime stories in the house. Goodreads, Overdrive and Audible are all solid choices for helping little ones snuggle in and drift off in their sleeping bags. Or—settle into your hammock and catch a few chapters of your own favorite read.

Looking for some tales to share around the campfire? Check out this list of spooky stories from KOA.


Creatures, plants, stars … there’s a whole lot of wonder just outside your back door. Here are a couple of apps to explore while camping.

starlight app iconStarlight App on Google Play

Starlight App in Apple Store

This simple app connects the dots in constellations in the night sky over your backyard. It’s a great choice for casual stargazing. Throw out a blanket, cuddle up with the kids (or a date!) and get familiar with your own patch of the night sky. It’s free, but you can pay $1.99 for a version without ads.

audubon birdwatching app iconAudubon Bird Guide App

This free app helps you identify backyard birds, keep track of the ones you see and share photos with other aspiring birders.

Treasure Hunt

goose chase app iconSet up a scavenger hunt with your family using Goosechase. The boundaries are up to you—use the whole neighborhood, if you want! Send teams out, or make it every man, woman and child for him/herself! You can do it the old-fashioned way, where you hide treasures and drop hints about how to find them. Or, you can set up a more modern version, using GPS breadcrumbs and digital pictures to guide the game.


When you’re ready to take your adventures out into the wilderness, check out our tips and apps for hiking and whitewater rafting!


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