What is Verizon Protect Home?

February 28, 2020
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Sometimes, you have to expect the unexpected. Maybe your cat knocked over a glass of water right onto your laptop, or a power surge wiped out your brand-new smart TV. Normally you’d be out of luck… until now. Verizon Protect Home is here to make it right.


What is Verizon Protect Home?


Verizon Protect Home provides device repair and replacement coverage for an unlimited number of your eligible home entertainment and smart home devices, plus digital security and premium tech support.

Plus, you get two in-home visits per year from tech experts who can set up anything you need and optimize your smart home tech to all work together.


What’s covered?


Pretty much all the tech in your home is covered from manufacturer defects, normal wear and tear, damage from power surges, and more, including:


Verizon Protect Home Coverage


Certain portable products are also eligible for accidental coverage, including:


Verizon Protect Home Accidental Coverage

Cracked screens, breaks, spills and more are all covered with Verizon Protect Home.

*Excluding Verizon-branded or provided routers, modems, and/or audio/video streaming devices.

Verizon Protect Home also covers lost or stolen devices, so you’re covered no matter what.

Filing a claim is super easy, and you can file an unlimited number of claims in a 12-month period up to the maximum claim amount. The annual claim limit is $5,000 per household and $2,000 per claim. A $49 or $99 deductible may apply when a claim is filed.


24/7 Live Tech Support


With Verizon Protect Home, you also get 24/7 technical support on any and everything tech in your home through the Tech Coach Home app. These experts can help you get the most out of your devices, help you troubleshoot issues, and anything in between.

Can’t get your Roku to connect to your new TV, or can’t get your Xbox One to read the disc of your favorite game? The experts with Tech Coach Home can help instantly.


Extra Security, Extra Peace of Mind


Enrolling in Verizon Protect Home also gives you access to the Digital Secure app, which helps keep you safe online. It protects you from risky websites, guards your data on public Wi-Fi, and sends you identity theft alerts. It’s an extra layer of security that gives you peace of mind anywhere you go.


How do I sign up?


The best part about Verizon Protect Home is that anyone can enroll at any time, as long as you’re a Verizon customer.  For only $25 per month, all the devices in your home will be covered and protected. Plus, you’ll have 24/7 access to tech support. It’s really that simple!

Visit your nearest Cellular Sales location to enroll!