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A black smartphone sits on a charger on top of a bedside table. The screen shows a charging icon.

The best phone chargers to keep your devices powered up

You depend on your phone a lot. There’s nothing like the panicked feeling of seeing your battery dip below 20%. So, make sure you have a charger you can count on.

A reliable charger is necessary whether at home, working, or traveling. Our guide will help you find the right one for all your needs.

Best at-home phone chargers

The Ventev Wall Charger is a jack of all trades. It has universal compatibility to charge your smartphone, tablet, or other USB devices.

The Pure Gear LightSpeed 45W wall charger has a smooth black finish for a sleek minimalistic look. Its foldable prongs make it more compact than the traditional wall charger. The Pure Gear chargers allow you to charge your device fast so you can do more. Boost your battery level to 50-70% in just 30 minutes with 45 watts. The standard wall charger would only charge your device 15-17% in the same amount of time.

Ditch the charging box and cables and charge your phone with the PureGear Wireless Charger. You can keep it on your nightstand for easy access. Simply place your phone on the pad, and the LED light will let you know it’s charging.

A phone sits in a dashboard mount, attached to a charging cord. In the background, a forearm and hand are visible, holding a car steering wheel.

Best on-the-go phone chargers

Forgetting to plug in your phone before going to bed can make for a terrible day. With the cordless phone chargers available at Cellular Sales, you won’t have to stress about a dead battery.

Conveniently charge Apple iPhone 13 while watching videos hands-free with the PureGear Magnetic Wireless Charger’s collapsible kickstand ring. It’s portable and lightweight, so you can still hold your phone while charging.

Spend less time charging and more time on the go with the Pure Gear Car Charger. It charges during your commute up to three times faster than your wall charger.

There are many obstacles to deal with while traveling, but a low battery doesn’t need to be one. The Ventev Portable Battery is the ideal size to pack in your bag or throw in your pocket. It’s slim, stylish, and powerful enough for a quick charge no matter where you are.

A phone sits on a wireless charger. The screen shows battery at 93 percent.

Best phone chargers for work

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S22 battery full in the office with the Samsung Wireless Stand charger. The charger won’t interfere with your Zoom meetings since it operates in portrait or landscape mode. The built-in fan helps prevent your smartphone from overheating. A full charge won’t take long, though. The Fast Charger 2.0 technology gets your battery to 100% in no time.

Make your phone charger last longer

With proper care, you can prolong the life span of your phone chargers. The following tips will help you get the most use out of it.

Unplug by the box

Never unplug your charger by tugging on the cord. The tension will cause internal damage. Always pull the box to unplug.

Keep it cool

Extreme temperatures can damage chargers. Avoid leaving chargers outside in the summer and insulate them when traveling in the winter.

Store safely

Bunching your charger up tightly and tying it in a knot is not ideal for the longevity of your charger. Instead, gently loop the cable three or four times, then tuck each end into the loop.

Keep it dry

Avoid leaving chargers in the bathroom or kitchen. Spills or standing water can cause major problems for your charger and smartphone.

Use a surge protector

An electrical surge can strike at any time. Protect your chargers and your devices by plugging them into a surge protector.

Never worry about your device’s battery again, thanks to the cell phone chargers available at your nearest Cellular Sales.

Visit your nearest Cellular Sales to browse our chargers and charging accessories to keep your devices juiced.

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