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A smartphone held in a person's hands displays a weather preparedness app.

Tech tips for weather preparedness

Inclement weather can ruin even the most well-planned activities. It also poses many dangers that you can minimize with the right tools. Below, we give you our top recommendations for wireless devices and weather preparedness apps that can help keep you safe, up to date, and connected when it matters most.

What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow?

It’s a common question, one you’ve probably asked many times as you head into the weekend. It takes on much more significance, however, when you’re planning a snow day or a hiking trip with new friends. In some locales, the conditions can turn quickly, from fast-moving storms to blinding snow and even brush fires, depending on your location.

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Have a plan to stay safe in bad weather

Gather practical knowledge, like from what direction most bad weather arrives in your area, what’s most common, and when. For example, thunderstorms usually happen in the afternoon or evening during spring and summer months.

Have a local news app on your phone or preset on your car radio, so you’re aware of any local weather alerts, school closings, or traffic issues. And sign up for SMS alerts to get information you can immediately access from email or text.

Even your usual commute can be affected, so make weather preparedness a part of your daily routine with the tech you’re already using every day. Also consider apps to help you find your phone and children in the event you’re separated. Options include:

Make sure you also have a powerful Unlimited plan with 5G network reliability and connectivity across more places. A Ventev Portable Battery stashed in your car or bags wouldn’t hurt either.

A trio of smartphones display various mobile weather apps.

The best weather apps to monitor conditions

You’ve got a lot of excellent options for mobile apps to keep an eye on the sky. Get the updates you need for all major types of weather emergencies, including:


In the US, hurricanes can strike at any point in the year, but activity peaks in August and September. If you live in or are traveling through an affected area, reliable wireless tech is vital. Adding the Clime app to your Samsung Galaxy S22 series phone gives you access to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s radar maps, so you can track the speed and direction of any oncoming tropical storm.

Even better, the Galaxy S22 is highly water resistance, so if it gets a little wet while you’re out picking up supplies or dashing between your car and the front door, it’s no problem.


From light flurries to blizzards, snow poses as many dangers as rain. Protect yourself and your family, especially on the road, by minimizing distractions. A Scosche MagicMount Cup Phone Holder lets you drive along icy streets with both hands on the wheel. Paired with local hourly weather updates from the WeatherBug app and Google Maps on the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, you can navigate with more peace of mind.

Flash flooding

Heavy rains, landslides, and other factors can result in sudden, powerful flooding in low lying areas. Get out of danger zones by using real time data from the US Geological Survey with FloodWatch for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. The phone’s vibrant, high def display is easy to see even in poor conditions. A Universal Pelican Waterproof Pouch adds extra protection from water, mud, and debris.


On the US west coast, wildfires are a near-annual danger, especially during droughts. Fires can also put a hazardous amount of dust and ash in the air, making it difficult to breathe freely and safely. Some days, it may be better for your health to stay indoors. Install the Environmental Protection Agency’s AirNow app on your motorola edge 5G UW, using the Ready For feature to see the air quality index on the big screen.

Wireless accessories for weather preparedness

A 5G smartphone, of course, is invaluable in the event you get caught up in bad weather. But you can also keep both hands free while accessing the info you need right from your wrist. The popular AccuWeather app is compatible with smartwatches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Apple Watch Series 7. See your 15 day weather forecasts, track conditions, and more. Download it on Google Play or the Apple Store.

With nearly 800 stores across the country, we’re always nearby to help you find the devices you need for better weather preparedness all year long.

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