Let it go with a song. No, not that song.


Under Pressure

So, not to stress you out, but … stress is killin’ us!

According to this article posted in The Atlantic, just one kind of stress may account for more yearly deaths in America than Alzheimer’s, diabetes and the flu. Care to guess which type of stress that is? If you shouted out “Workplace!” you’re correct. All that worry is negatively affecting our hearts, our blood pressure, our mental health … the list goes on. Of course, you could always alleviate workplace stress by changing jobs. But if that option isn’t on the table for you, there’s another solution. In fact, it’s something you absolutely have to do; your life depends on it!

Let It Go

You need to figure out how to leave all that drama at work.

The worry, the deadlines, even anxiety over benefits like health insurance (we know, you’re getting stressed out just reading that sentence). But, we at Cellular Sales would never have brought this up if we hadn’t found a pretty great solution to help you knock your stress levels down a few ticks. And we’d like to share it with you!

Reaching your happy placeAre you ready for this?

It’s music.

That’s right, music can help you chill out—significantly. In fact, one song in particular has measurable relaxation results.

Before you dismiss us as being too stress-addled to make sense, check this out. The musical group Marconi Union collaborated with sound therapists to make the song “Weightless,” specifically to reduce stress levels. Does it work? You bet your stressed-out butt it does! A neuroscientist played it while measuring overall anxiety levels, as well as physiological resting rates, of anxious volunteers. After listening to this song, anxiety reduced by 65%, and heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol (the classic stress hormone) went down by an average of 35%.

Not convinced yet? Still stressed out?

Don’t Take Our Word For It …

Set your wearable fitness tracker to monitor your heartrate, turn your phone settings to “Do Not Disturb,” and press play on “Weightless.” Take deep breaths, turn the lights down and close your eyes. Oh, and don’t try this while driving. Or doing anything requiring decisions … taking care of small children … you get the point.

If you’re a believer in the critical importance of chilling out, we have a whole playlist for you on Spotify. Put these songs in your meditation rotation and when it comes to work stress … let that junk go!

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