Smartphone Camera: Go Big a Wide Shot

smartphone camera wiiiiide shot

Your smartphone camera has tip-top panoramic photo tips!


Get a New Perspective with your smartphone camera.

If you’ve never played with the panoramic photo setting in your smartphone, you’re missing out on the big picture—the really, really big picture! We at Cellular Sales love to play with photography. Panoramic features let us get the whole horizon on vacation, create fun optical illusions and generally create a whole new perspective on life … or at least the back yard. Read on to find out how you can stretch your knowledge of your smartphone camera and photography!

Eyes on the horizon

Panoramas were created for capturing landscapes. From the rooftops to mountaintops to beach sunsets, this setting gets it all in. Find your way to the highest point you can for the perfect shot.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget your smartphone camera’s picture editor! Use the built-in tools to change tone or pull your panoramic images into your favorite app to bump up the contrast and warmth.

Ultra-wide selfies with your smartphone camera!

smartphone cameraYou’ll need to hand over your phone to a partner for this one. Most panoramas are about 180 degrees, so have your photographer start facing to the left and pan so you come into the frame halfway around.
Change modes

Get in the mood … er, mode.

Open up your smartphone camera. Android users: tap settings and switch shooting mode to Panoramic. iOS users: swipe all the way to Pano in the photos app. Experiment a little bit to get a feel for how your phone takes a panoramic image. Tap the shutter and start panning.
Now, get ready for the magic!


Rolling, rolling, rolling … rawhide!

smartphone camera
Ah, the Blues Brothers. “It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses. HIT IT!” And if you’re riding shotgun, try taking a panoramic shot through the passenger window. Hold the camera still and let the car do the panning for you.


Doppelganger pano

panoramic photoFor this selfie panoramic sequel, bring your friend back. Have them start the panorama as you stand in the frame. When the camera has passed you by, run around behind them and back into the scene. As the camera passes by you again you’ll magically show up twice in the image. If you’re fast you can make even more appearances.

There you have it, our favorite ways to take the long view with your smartphone camera! Get shooting, get moving and enjoy!

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