Increase Productivity with your Smartphone Calendar

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Start using your smartphone calendar with this quick-start guide.

Smartphones are so much more than text and call machines. You can use yours to be more productive with apps and functions that are built right into your phone’s operating system, like your calendar. You can probably do a lot more with it than you are now! Read on to find out how.

How to use your Android smartphone’s calendar:

google smartphone calendar iconFirst, find the app icon on your smartphone. It probably looks like a square with today’s date. Tap it to open the app. If you use your Google calendar on your computer, your dates and events will already be imported to your smartphone’s calendar. (Your Android device is tied to your Google account.)

Tap the hamburger menu at the top of your screen (that’s the three stacked lines). This menu lets you choose how you view your calendar: schedule view, weekly or monthly view, etc. Tap the search function to find an event by name.

screenshot of Google smartphone calendar

Tap the “plus” icon—usually in the lower part of your screen—to add an event, reminder or goal to your calendar. Add the time, location and notes in those fields. Most phones notify you automatically, but you can change settings to turn this off.

You can sync your calendar with others, too, like your family members. You’ll have to go to your personal computer for this.

Go to your Google Calendar, then click on “My calendars.” Select your calendar, then click the menu that looks like three dots (that’s your settings.) Select “Settings and sharing,” then scroll down to “Share with specific people.” You can add whoever you want to invite to your calendar here. Now, whoever you’ve added will see your events on their calendar, too.

Once the calendar is synced up through your Google account, events and reminders will show up on your smartphone, and your family members’ smartphones, too.



How to use your iPhone’s calendar:

iPhone calendar iconFirst, find the calendar icon, featuring today’s date. Tap to open it up.

Use the “plus” sign to add the title of an event or reminder.

You can add the location for the event in the corresponding field, but some people use it to add details like “Don’t forget to bring a gift!” Fill in all the fields that apply, like “Repeat” and “Start” and “End” time. You’ll get reminders for your event.

screenshot of ios calendar

If you want to sync your iPhone’s calendar with others, you’ll need to plug your phone into your computer and go to “Sync” in iTunes. Check “Sync contacts with” under “Info” and then “Apply.”

If you run into trouble with using your iPhone’s calendar, check this help link to troubleshoot.


Remember that different models of smartphones can vary in how they look and in specific steps of operation. Sometimes steps of operation change when systems upgrade, as well. If you’d like some more hands-on help with your smartphone’s calendar, come in to your Cellular Sales store. We’d love to help you out.






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