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Published June 25, 2018

*Plan details have changed since this blog was published. For information on our new Unlimited plans, visit our new blog here.*

Got multiple lines? Get the plan they need, and don’t pay for what they don’t!

When you’re trying to pick what’s best for everyone in the family, having to stick to just one plan for every line can be frustrating.

Verizon has just unveiled a solution: the ability to personalize with mix-and-match unlimited plans!

So, what’s the nitty-gritty?

There are three options.  All three have these basic benefit options:

  • Unlimited 4GLTE data
  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • DVD-quality streaming
  • Unlimited Mobile Hotspot
  • Mexico & Canada included
  • Verizon Up rewards
  • Military Discount

For casual video and music streamers, and smartphone users who want the security of knowing they won’t run out of data for talking and texting, the Go Unlimited Plan has everything above.

Die-hard streamers who need a Verizon Premium network experience can enjoy the Beyond Unlimited plan, which has these plan upgrades:

  • HD-quality Streaming (720p) (1080p for $10/month)
  • 4G Mobile Hotspot (15GB)

And now (drumroll, please!) the ultimate in features, quality of service and global access is available in the new Above Unlimited Plan! With it, you get everything the other plans have to offer with these additions:

  • 4G Mobile Hotspot (20 GB)
  • Verizon Cloud (500 GB)
  • Global Roaming (5 travel pass sessions/mo.)

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One size doesn’t fit all!

Customers didn’t like being stuck with just one plan for everyone in the family. Verizon listened. Now, you can choose which plan fits the best for you—even if it’s different from your kids’ plan, and your mom’s plan, and your spouse’s plan! Really!

For example:

Tina, your daughter who’s traveling the world in her college’s exchange program, gets the Above Unlimited Plan for $60/month.

Your husband, Bill, loves streaming episodes of Game of Thrones during his morning commute, so he gets the Beyond Unlimited Plan for $50/month.

Your dad just wants to make sure he can text and talk all he wants, and get all of Tina’s travel pictures, so he’s got the Go Unlimited plan for $40/month.

And you’re about to join Tina for a week-long trip to Rome, so you’ve opted for the Above Unlimited Plan, too!

Everyone in your family gets the plan they need, without paying for things they don’t.


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