Make a Photo Book With Your Smartphone Pics

smartphone pics photo album

Use an app to take photos directly from your phone to a printed book.


When was the last time you took a picture with your smartphone? If you’re like most of us, the answer to that is … wait a minute, hold still … yup, right now! Keeping and reminiscing over these photos has gotten a lot easier, since photos can be easily shared via the cloud. But there’s something special about actually holding a printed book of photos. They’re great for gifts, crafts and quiet moments of reminiscing.

Here are our five favorite apps for printing photos as quickly and easily as possible.

Read on, smartphone shutterbugs!


mosiac app icon1. Mixbook 

This app for iOS takes photos from your phone’s Camera Roll, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Smugmug, Amazon and Dropbox to populate little print books that ship right to your door. Just open the app, choose 20 photos, flip through your virtual Mixbook and then order. The books are 7inches x 7inches, printed within 48 hours, and arrive in 4 days.

print studio app icon2. Print Studio

Choose photos from Instagram, iCloud and mobile albums to make framed photos, photo books, magnets and more, then order your products from the app.


picaboo app icon3. Picaboo

Pics can be uploaded from your phone through the app, which takes you to the Picaboo website where you can choose the format, size and style of photobook you want. Some people prefer simpler apps that don’t redirect to a website, but others enjoy Picaboo’s lovely book styles, so they don’t mind the extra step.


chatbooks app icon4. Chatbooks

With this app, you connect your phone, subscribe and take photos of your favorite things. Chatbooks uses photos from your phone’s Camera Roll, Facebook, Google Photos and Instagram, and will automatically send you a new photobook every month. They remove blurry photos, comb out utilitarian images like screenshots, and skip over duplicates before they put together a display-worthy book—and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

groovebook app icon5. Groovebook 

This subscription service comes with a twist—or perforations, to be more precise. You can tear out photos from these colorful little books to put on the fridge or include in greeting cards.


google photos app iconBonus: Use Google Photos!

Google Photos, which automatically backs up your pics to the cloud, has an option to make simple, one-photo-per-page photobooks. It’s not as elaborate as other options, but its simplicity means it’s easy to manage. Just open your Google Photos app, select “Photo book” from the drop-down menu (the location of this might be different, depending on your device) and start your book. Google will even show you album selections to get you started.


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