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Astrophotography Night Photography

How to take photos of the night sky with your smartphone

You don’t need a fancy camera and a telescope to take beautiful photos of the night sky. You can capture clear, crisp photos of the stars using just your smartphone. Check out these handy astrophotography tips:

Download an app specifically for astrophotography or night photography.

Your smartphone’s default camera settings aren’t always ideal for low-light scenarios, so try apps like NightCap Camera.

If you have a Google Pixel, you can utilize the Night Sight feature that’s built into your smartphone camera. Night Sight uses AI learning to detect motion and reduce blur, automatically balance the color of your photos, and steadily focus on the far-away stars in the sky.

Keep your smartphone as steady as possible.

When taking photos at night, even the smallest amount of movement can cause blurring. This is especially true with astrophotography, since your camera is trying to capture as much light from the stars as possible. Try using a tripod or just prop your phone up on something steady.

Select your subject.

If there is a special star you’ve got your eye on or a planet in the distance you want to capture, set your camera focus directly to it. The brightest constellations are the easiest to capture, and you can often fit several in one photo.

Don’t zoom in too much.

You can always crop your photo later. Zooming in will pixelate your photo and greatly reduce the image quality.

Make your surroundings as dark as possible.

With too much light surrounding you, your smartphone camera won’t be able to focus on the light coming from the stars. Light pollution in the sky can make this especially difficult as well.

Practice, practice, practice!

With anything, practice makes perfect. The more you learn about how your smartphone camera behaves in low light, the better you can adjust it to take stunning photos of the sky.

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