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How to shoot crisp and clear videos on your smartphone

No matter what memories you’re making today, capturing them in great quality is important. Check out these helpful hints that will amp up your smartphone videography skills and make life’s moment even more memorable.


First, Clean Your Lens

Using some TechTonic Screen Cleaner or Multipurpose Soapy Wipes, make sure your smartphone screen and lenses are clear of dirt and debris.


Keep it Steady

Smartphones have a plethora of built-in video enhancement settings you can use to your advantage, like optical image stabilization. This feature helps reduce blur and shakiness in your videos so it looks like you filmed from a tripod.


Remember the Rule of Thirds

Professional cinematographers aren’t the only ones who can capture shots that really stand out. Your smartphone should allow you to activate a grid in your camera app that divides an image evenly into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. The Rule of Thirds suggests you place the subject of your shot along one of the lines or where they intersect. This helps draw the viewer’s eye to your subject and leave a lasting impression.


Shoot Horizontally

It can be tempting to shoot videos vertically since that’s how we typically hold our phones, but shooting horizontally is better if you plan to upload to social media or stream to a monitor or TV. Most other screens default to landscape orientation (horizontal) instead of portrait (vertical), so your video won’t have all of that extra black space on the sides.


Use Natural Lighting Whenever Possible

Using your camera’s flash may provide the light you need, but it can sometimes look like a spotlight on your subject instead of overhead lighting. It can also wash out certain skin tones and affect your image quality. Natural lighting almost always works best, so migrate outside before you start shooting your video or face yourself towards an open window.


Manually Adjust Focus & Exposure

Most smartphone cameras automatically adjust the focus and exposure of your shot when you tap on the person or object you’re focusing on. However, you can adjust your own focus and exposure settings to fit your preferences by holding down on an area of the screen (on most phones). The AE/AF function should pop up and allow you to toggle your focus and exposure settings. Once you’ve found your sweet spot, make sure to lock your settings in place so they don’t change as the video records.


Avoid Using Digital Zoom

It’s super tempting to zoom in using your smartphone’s built-in digital zoom feature. But rather than bringing the recording closer to your subject, it just enlarges the video digitally, which means the image quality decreases. The more you’re zoomed in, the more pixelated your video will look.


Finally… Edit and Share!

You’ve worked so hard to get the perfect set of shots for your video. Now it’s time to share your creation! You can make some quick and easy edits from your smartphone, like trimming clips and re-arranging their order. Once you’re happy with the results, showcase it on your social media pages or send it to your friends and family.


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