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How Cellular Sales helps keep your business connected

If you’ve been to a Cellular Sales store, you’ve likely done some shopping for yourself and your family. But what about for your business?

When it comes to wireless service, we offer more than individual and family smartphones and data plans. We also offer solutions for your business and employees. Whether you’re looking for six lines or 60 lines, we’ll keep you connected to your staff and your customers.

Molly Goodreau B2B Business Account Manager Cellular Sales Verizon

Molly Goodreau, a business account manager in the St. Louis, MO area, specializes in helping business owners find the perfect fit for their organization.

“We’re not your average phone company,” Molly says. “We want to take care of you, not just sell you something.”






What We Do for Businesses:

Assess Your Needs

At Cellular Sales, business account managers like Molly start by assessing the overall needs of your organization, including:

  • Your current wireless setup
  • How much you’re paying
  • Projected growth or changes
  • Other important details

“Even though I work with businesses every day, everyone’s needs are different,” Molly says. “It’s my job to listen and help make a positive impact on your organization.”

Connect You with Solutions

Once Molly knows what your company’s needs are, she works diligently to find the solutions that fit your organization best. From data plans to the latest smartphones, to travel and fleet management, she can connect you to the most efficient products for the lowest cost.

Set Up Your New Service

Once your business has been set up with all the solutions it needs, Molly and our business support team handle delivery, set up, and content transfers completely free of charge. Running a business isn’t easy, but we help to reduce the hassle.

Why You Should Choose Us

Setting up your business with the wireless technology and services it needs is only half of what business account managers like Molly do. Even after you’re set up, she continues to check in, helping you stay ahead of the curve and plan for the future. She calculates any upcoming maintenance costs, keeps an eye on new releases, and factors in your company’s growth so you’ll always be prepared for what comes next. No matter what questions or concerns come up, Molly is there to help.

“I want my customers to call me anytime they’re having a problem,” Molly says. “Doesn’t matter if it’s big or small.”

Need help for your business?

Our account managers are eager to help you grow your business and find the perfect solutions for you. Call, email, or swing by your local Cellular Sales store to meet your business account manager and find out more.

Interested in joining our team?

Molly Goodreau has been at Cellular Sales for the past eight years, connecting businesses with wireless solutions and helping them succeed.

“I love the freedom here. You aren’t micro-managed or capped,” she says. “It’s satisfying to know that when you put the time in, you can see the rewards of your work.”

For more information about available positions in your area, visit our Careers page.

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