Holiday Apps to Have a Blast This Season

Three couple with sparklers enjoying Christmas outdoor party in the city street at night and with a lot of lights on background.

Games, music and invitations: the only thing you can’t do with your smartphone is bake the cookies.

The holidays are a time for getting together with friends and family, but between scheduling, planning and entertaining, it can be overwhelming. Your smartphone can help!

If you’re on the lookout for a great new smartphone this holiday season, check out these great offers.

Read on to learn about apps for event planning and invitations, party games and playlists to get the mood going this holiday season.

Eventbrite app

eventbrite app iconThis app has events covered from all angles. Use it to find local events like concerts, art shows and more to brighten your holidays. You can also use it to manage your own parties and fundraisers: create a guest list, use the app to check in, and sell tickets. And, since it’s on the phone, there aren’t any paper tickets or invitations to fumble and lose.

Planning a potluck? Check out this blog on family reunion get-togethers, with tips and apps for managing who brings what.

Don’t forget reindeer … er, party games for the holidays! Check out these smartphone-inclusive, festive favorites.

Heads Up! for iTunes and Google Play

heads up app iconThis one’s a great icebreaker, or (ahem) adult beverage game. Heads Up! is a fun guessing game that challenges you to guess the word on a card (or, in this case, your phone) that’s on your head, based off your friends’ clues, noises and gestures. Try and guess as many as you can before the timer runs out! Then go back and watch or share a hysterical video of the game.

Reverse Charades for iTunes and Google Play

reverse charades app iconExperience a fun twist on a classic favorite! With the Reverse Charades app, rather than one person acting out words like in traditional charades, an entire team of any number of people acts out words for one team member to guess. Each time you play you can customize the amount of time per turn, number of passes per turn, number of rounds and the number of teams. What could be more fun than a room full of people, all yelling at you? On second thought, maybe this game is best for extroverts.

Bounden for iTunes and Google Play

bounden app iconIn this quirky game, you and a partner hold either end of a device and follow a path of rings that guides you through various choreography. You’ll either discover you have natural talent, á la 80s dance movie style, or you’ll have sore toes and lots of hilarious memories. Dance-off, anyone?


Speaking of dancing, nothing gets the party going like a good holiday playlist. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Spotify’s “Christmas Around the World Holiday Party Playlist” 

Holiday Party playlist on Pandora 

If you need more great app suggestions, or tips on how to stream music, the best speakers and accessories to keep your party going and more, our wireless experts have got you covered. Party on!


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