Healthier Lifestyle via Smartphone

smartphone habits for health

Learn how to use your smartphone for a healthier lifestyle.

Phone for Good

There’s been a lot of chatter in the news lately about how un-healthy our smartphones are making us. Physically, we’re becoming more sedentary, preferring Candy Crush to taking a walk.

But we at Cellular Sales believe that we can use our smartphones for Good as well as Evil Sitting Around. Read on to find a few surprising ways technology can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Level Up

Games, like Pokémon Go, released in July 2016, have a surprisingly healthy impact on its players. In this article, psychologists reveal that, in their patients, they’ve seen more than just the physical boost that comes of walking around in the fresh air. They’ve seen the game help with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

There are other immersive games to get you outside and exercising, like Zombies, Run! If you like a little bit of the undead in your workout, this is the game for you. Fitocracy is more about running to meet your goals vs. running to survive. It’s not really a game, but a great way to connect with a fitness community and meet your own challenges.

Experts also say that if Pokémon Go and other games are motivating you to get outside, make sure you put the screen away sometimes.

Hey, the outdoors really are pretty nice, even without little digital creatures hiding behind the bushes.

Healthy recipiesSurvey Says …

A study done by researchers at South Dakota State University showed that college-age adults can effectively use technology to make better health choices. They saw improved lifestyle habits, like a healthier diet, when students engaged consciously with the program, which sent them email nudges and videos.

Hey, college students are already online pretty much all the time for class, communication and entertainment. Reaching them where they are seems to be pretty effective when (gently) pushing them to be healthier.

Young adults with a laptopSocial Support

Studies show, over and over, that having a supportive community helps people stick to their exercise and diet goals. That’s why Weight Watchers works, both online and in real life. Connecting to others is one of the more popular capabilities of wearable fitness trackers.

Sometimes being too connected digitally can lead directly to depression and anxiety, but there is a flip side to this coin. Organizations like Cybersmile are working to provide digital safe spaces for those who’ve been bullied online. For more resources, check out our blog on cyberbullying.

The best technology can only be helpful if we use it properly. Our smartphones can be a source of support, augmenting workouts and tracking healthy meals. They can even strengthen our support community by making it easier to communicate and share encouragement! So, what do you say? Want to head out and run from zombies together?


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