Forget the tie this year. For Father’s Day, Dad wants a nap, some great apps and new headphones!

Our Dads are a big deal—they took care of us, embarrassed us, and most importantly: they helped us through all the knee scrapes, head bumps and times like when we got stuck in a tree—all so we could make it through to adulthood. Because of you, we made it through. Thanks, Dad.

Dad Jokes are Rad Jokes

So let’s take a moment to celebrate Father’s Day with the time-honored tradition of … Dad Jokes! Below are a couple of gems.


    • Why do chicken coops only have two doors?

… Because if they had four, they would be chicken sedans!

    • Why did the invisible man turn down the job offer?

… Because he couldn’t see himself doing it.

Cool Stuff Dad Really Wants

Looking for the best gifts to prove you’re Dad’s favorite? Here are a few of our favorite Father’s Day tech gifts:father and son looking at phone together

A Lifeproof phone case is rugged, so he can go golfing/camping/biking/napping in the hammock, with no worries. Some models are waterproof, too!

The splashproof, small and mighty Wonderboom speaker brings the party to the cook-out!

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones are perfect for Dads who travel.

Hum+ or HumX plugs Dad in to his car, giving him up-to-the-minute diagnostics, easy navigation, access to a mechanic, emergency assistance and more. Plus, Hum can help him keep an eye on his teen drivers with boundary and speed alerts, safety scores and more!

Just-For-Dad apps

Dad’s a busy guy—apps for the assist!

Team app iconTeam App

If the Dad in your life is a Team Dad, this app is a game changer. (See what we did, there?) This app is great for keeping track of game and practice schedules, carpooling, parent and coach communication … it’s his own sport secretary. Score!


Hum app iconHum

This app syncs up with Hum+ and HumX devices, letting Dad track all things vehicle. Mileage and routes, navigation, service scheduling … it’s all on the Hum app. And if you hook Dad up with Hum+ and HumX, the app notifies him of any mechanical problems. Hum even connects him with a mechanic, or with emergency services in the event of an emergency.

grilltime app icon


This user-friendly iOS app comes with a grilling guide and multi-timer, customized culinary instructions, flip reminders and more. So if you do go with a new grilling apron for the big guy’s Father’s Day gift, make sure it has a pocket for his smartphone!

Celebrate Dad!

What does Dad really want to do on Father’s Day?

Here are a few ideas from the experts (and by experts, we really mean the dads we know!):


Hey, let’s be honest, here: Dad’s just tired! Let him take a nap. In an easy chair, on the couch, in his bed … the venue doesn’t matter. He just wants a little peace and quiet.

His favorite meal

Time to whip out his favorite baked spaghetti and Moose Tracks ice cream. Come to think of it, that sounds delicious for all of us … After that, he might need to revisit the nap idea.

Alone time

For instance, biking, playing video games, enjoying a beverage on the back porch … just no chores.


Hey, parenting ain’t easy. Get a few tips on protecting your family from cyberbullies, getting the upper hand on homework procrastination and more on our blog!

Above all, we just want to extend a huge thanks to all the great Dads out there! Here’s one more rad Dad joke for the road:

  • If you see a robbery at an Apple Store, does that make you an iWitness?

You’re welcome (and we’re sorry.)

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