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5G Ultra Wideband - 5G expansion

Go Ultra: Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband is expanding

When Verizon first introduced 5G, it set a new standard for wireless. With faster download speeds and near-zero lag —along with sleek, stylish devices built for 5G performance —we’re able to connect, work, and stay entertained better than ever before. 

It’s been a great start, however, there’s now even more to enjoy. Get ready to go Ultra as Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband (UW) expands even further.


What is 5G Ultra Wideband?

If you’re not familiar with the term, there are a couple things that you should know about 5G.

1. 5G Nationwide operates at a low-band spectrum, making it comparable to 4G/4G LTE. It’s not quite as fast as 5G UW, however, it provides the most coverage for customers. 

2. 5G UW uses high-band millimeter wave spectrum for lightning speeds and targeted coverage. That’s why it was previously only available in limited areas and was less widespread than 5G Nationwide.

When it comes to  5G Nationwide vs. 5G Ultra Wideband, one of the most frustrating obstacles for users has been availability. With Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband updates, that hurdle is about to become smaller.


woman checking smartphone with 5G Ultra wideband

Updates for 5G Ultra Wideband

Verizon is introducing C-band, which operates in the mid-range spectrum. This will help to bridge the divide in 5G Nationwide and 5G UW performance. It offers fast speeds and more coverage than high-band. The addition of C-band means that Ultra Wideband is now available to 100 million people in 1,700+ cities across the country.

Over 2022 and 2023, coverage is expected to increase to up to 175 million people. In the coming years, over 250 million customers will have access to Ultra Wideband.

Even better, most 5G devices, like iPhone 13 Pro Max and Google Pixel 6, are already compatible with C-band. Going forward, all new 5G phones from Verizon will work with C-band as well.


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Verizon 5G plans are changing 

The wireless provider’s mobile plans are also changing, with plan options that are streamlined and easy to understand. Choose an Unlimited plan that suit your needs, from just-the-basics to all-the-perks, including:

5G Start

The no fuss Unlimited choice, at only $35/mo. per line. This plan included 5G Nationwide and unlimited data. You can also try Disney+, Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass, and Apple Music free for six months.

5G Play More

For all your streaming needs, at $45/mo. per line. Get entertainment on us, with popular services like Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+, and an Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass. Includes access to 5G Nationwide and Ultra Wideband. Get 50GB of premium network access and 25GB premium mobile hotspot data.

5G Do More

Stay mobile anywhere, at $45/mo. per line. Get up to 50% off a smartwatch, tablet or hotspot, plus one TravelPass day per month, and 600GB of storage on Verizon Cloud. This plan also gives you 50GB of premium network access and 25GB premium mobile hotspot data.

5G Get More

Go fully loaded, including Apple Music, for $55/mo. per line. Enjoy 5G Nationwide and UW, along with unlimited premium network access and 50GB of premium mobile hotspot data. Plus, get all the entertainment and mobile perks of Play More and Do More.


business owner with apple iphone with 5G ultra network

Other benefits of going Ultra

At home

Plan perks and wider coverage aren’t the only benefits of this expansion. 5G Play More, 5G Do More, and 5G Get More customers can also save up to 50% on home internet.

Verizon 5G Home internet (available in select areas) gives you a fast and reliable connection that’s simple to install and manage. You don’t have to schedule an appointment or wait for a technician to come by. We send you everything you need to set up. Just plug and play, and enjoy the freedom of 5G.

Paying for 5G home is just as straightforward. The price is the price, with no surprises or promotional cost creep. And there are no contracts, extra fees, data overages, or equipment charges.

At work

The same plan holders also get 5G Business for one month on us. Choose between Business Unlimited Plus and Business Unlimited Pro plans. Boost productivity with more premium data, industry-leading security solutions, and savings up to $80/mo. when you pair up your Business Unlimited phone plan and LTE Business Internet or 5G Business Internet.

It’s an ultra-fast, ultra-efficient wireless solution for business owners who want an alternative to cable. Choose self-setup or professional installation, with several pricing and service options. Your price is guaranteed for 10 years.

On the edge
Take advantage of 5G Edge (available in select cities), a computing platform for business. It allows developers to build mobile applications for wireless edge devices. 5G Edge combines the power of the cloud and a fully integrated network and computing environment. Deliver innovative solutions that are scalable, agile, reliable, and secure. 


family shopping at Cellular Sales verizon store for 5G smartphones

Shop Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband devices

Whether you’re drawn to the motorola edge 5G UW‘s 108MP camera and Ready For big screen feature or the rugged, adventure-ready capability of Kyocera DuraSport 5G UW, you’ll find them at your nearby Cellular Sales. Our wireless reps are ready to talk you through Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband updates and new Verizon 5G plans.



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