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Spring Break

Getting prepped and pumped for spring break

Spring Break is right around the corner. Check out these pre-planning tips for smooth Spring Break travel, plus some helpful apps to keep you on track.


Decide where to go, and with who.

Who says you have to go to the beach for Spring Break? Whether you’re gathering all your closest friends for a road trip across town, inviting your family to a cozy mountain getaway, or flying somewhere warm and sunny, make sure you pick the destination that’s best for you. This is your Spring Break trip – make it what you want!


Research and book your travel and lodging ASAP.

If your Spring Break is coming up, chances are everyone else’s is too. Get ahead of the crowd and book your travel and lodging arrangements as early as possible. Try the Hopper app (iOS & Android). Hopper fetches ticket prices from all major airlines and compares them so you can get the cheapest rate. Plus, it tells you which days are the busiest and most expensive, so you can adjust your travel dates accordingly.


Create a trip itinerary.

Half the battle is getting to your destination. Once you’re there, it helps having a list of activities you and your travel mates would like to do together during your stay. Having a loose schedule helps you fit everything in so nothing is left out or forgotten.

Make a budget – and stick to it.

Time flies when you’re having fun… and so can your wallet. Create a realistic budget based on your planned activities and travel costs and stick to it as closely as you can. Your bank account will thank you later. Spendee (iOS & Android) helps you track exactly where your money is going so you don’t overspend. Plus, with the Shared Wallets feature you can add multiple users to manage expenses on one account which is a great way to track your spending while traveling in groups or with family. It works with multiple currencies, too, so you can use it in foreign countries.


Stock up on supplies.

There’s nothing worse than finally getting to your destination after a long day of travel and realizing you forgot something. Sunscreen, shampoo, beach towels, you name it. Make a shopping list and stock up on these beforehand so you don’t have to shop for it during your vacation time. While you’re packing, don’t forget your portable speaker, like the JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker. The JBL Flip 5 is ultraportable, super durable, and waterproof – perfect for Spring Break.

Get your car serviced.

If you plan on driving to your Spring Break spot, make sure you get your car serviced before leaving. Air up your tires, change your oil, and check your windshield wipers to make sure your vehicle is running to its best ability. Hum is a great way to receive maintenance reminders and track repairs on your vehicle. You also have access to 24/7 roadside assistance and mechanic support in case the worst happens. Just connect it to your vehicle and download the app to get started.

No matter where you decide to go on Spring Break, be safe and have fun!

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