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A Black father pushes his young daughter on a pink bike as she learns to ride.

Experience outdoors: kid-friendly summer activities

Summer can last forever, especially for kids. Between vacations and the start of the school year, there’s still plenty of time to get outside. Teach your child new skills they can be proud of. Start with our kid-friendly summer activities below.

How to teach a kid to ride a bike

If you remember learning to ride a bike, you know that success isn’t immediate. In fact, it may take a few spills and scraped knees before your child masters it. The best thing you can do is be patient and reassuring. The second best thing you can do is get them the right equipment and protection. That includes:

  • A height-appropriate bike with removable training wheels
  • Knee and elbow pads
  • A helmet
  • Bandages and antibiotic cream

Before you know it, they’ll be cruising the neighborhood or learning the trails. Take along a rugged Kyocera DuraSport 5G UW to capture photos without worrying about drops, dirt, or splashing into a puddle.

A parent and young child rollerblade together through a neighborhood, smiling and holding hands.

How to teach a kid to roller skate

Roller skating has seen a resurge in popularity in the past couple years. If your child is more interested in quad skates or roller blades, now’s a great time to get started. With the addition of wrist guards and skates (of course), the safety equipment they’ll need is the same as above.

Have your child practice going forward and turning on a flat paved area with little to no traffic. Your driveway or a nearby parking lot could work. Once they’re more secure and confident on their skates, they can try moving backward or doing simple tricks.

Consider a matching Apple Watch Series 7 to complement their new wheels and help them skate distraction-free. They’ll be able to track their activity and see new messages easily.

An Asian father is wearing goggles and holding his son while standing in a pool. Both are smiling.

How to teach a kid to swim

Of our three kid-friendly summer activities, swimming may be the most intimidating. For children who haven’t spent much time in the water, professional instruction may be the way to go. Municipal pools, civic centers, and local YMCAs often offer swimming lessons for kids. Check out what’s available in your area.

If you want to teach them yourself, however, and you’ve got a pool at home, creating a fun environment can help them relax. Try putting together a list of songs they love on Apple Music and playing them over Bluetooth speaker (like the JBL Clip 3). When they’re less anxious about being in the water, they’ll be more receptive to learning.

Tech for kid-friendly summer activities

You can make sure your kids have a great time outdoors over the break with the latest wireless tech. And keep them safer with digital tools to track their location, tech use, and more with Verizon Smart Family.

After you search for “how to teach a kid to ride a bike” and other family-friendly summer activities, head to your local Cellular Sales for 5G smartphones, stylish cases, and other accessories to enhance your time together.

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