Essential Guide to Beating the Winter Blues with Your Smartphone

woman using fitness tracker to exercise in winter

Sometimes taking small steps can help improve your winter mood. Your smartphone can help get you out of your funk!

The holidays are over, but that doesn’t mean the good feelings have to end. If the winter blues are setting in, pull out your smartphone and fight back with this essential guide for combating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

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Read on for 10 proven methods to beat the blues this winter, as recommended by a counselor:

  1. Get out!

    Even small excursions can do a lot to boost your mood. Most of us get considerably less sunlight and fresh air in the winter, so making an effort to get more—even if you’re just taking a walk around the block—will help you feel better. Use your phone to take winter pics or find local trails.

  2. Do it for the giggles.

    Call a fun friend, watch your favorite comedy. Check out some apps that deliver silly cat gifs on demand.

  3. Clean out.

    Even if you’re feeling too exhausted to deep clean the house, spend ten minutes de-cluttering the countertops. It will help you feel settled. Set a timer with your phone to help you reach your cleaning goals.

  4. Jam out.

    Pull up your favorite playlist and listen. You can go for uplifting songs, but you don’t have to; just about any kind of music is shown to improve moods.

  5. Exercise.

    Even if you feel like you’d rather do just about anything else, force yourself to take a walk, or do an indoor routine with one of our favorite exercise apps.

  6. Play with a furry friend!

    Need some motivation for that exercise? Get your dog out for a game of fetch or tug-of-war. Even just petting a cat or bonding with your hedgehog will get the warm-fuzzies flowing. And get some pics! They’ll lift your mood during long work days.

  7. Plan something fun with your friends.

    Having that feeling of anticipation for a concert, movie, even a cup of coffee, will get you through dreary days. Looking for events? Apps in this blog will help.

  8. Shed some light on the subject!

    Light therapy is proven to help with seasonal sadness. Open the blinds, turn on more lamps. Tell Google Home to brighten things up!

  9. Mediate and pay attention to your thoughts.

    Making a conscious effort to appreciate all the good things you have and looking forward to the goals you’ll achieve will get you out of a slump. Try one of these meditation apps to center yourself, even if you feel like you don’t have enough time.

  10. Treat yourself.

    Try not to go overboard; bingeing on Krispy Kremes will only plunge you deeper into a funk. But, yeah, indulge in your favorite food from time to time. Or buy a new pair of shoes, or a new smartphone. Even better: use these treats as carrots to get your new exercise program in gear!


What’s the magic word?

Studies show that gratitude goes a long way toward improving your mood. Saying “Thanks,” and really, really meaning it, can make you feel a whole lot better. The best part? The more you say it, and mean it, the stronger the positive effects. Give it a try!

Looking for an upbeat playlist?

Try one of these options:

A cheery playlist, courtesy of Bustle.

Some mood music, also courtesy of Bustle.

Or, go to Pandora and type in your favorite band. You’ll get a whole channel based on their music.

Try these apps to get you thinking happy thoughts:

daily quotes app icon
Daily quotes, Positive Thinking & Affirmations
for Google Play



Unique Daily Affirmations app icon


Unique Daily Affirmations for iOS


At Cellular Sales, we care! Follow tip number one and get out—to your local Cellular Sales store. We’ll be happy to show you how to search for and find useful apps. We’ll also answer any of your questions about your smartphone, plan, bill, or whatever you’d like to know.

No blog can replace your healthcare professional’s advice. This article is meant to give tips on boosting your mood, not treating depression.



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