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woman with headphones listing to christmas music

Create the ultimate 2021 holiday music playlist

The most wonderful time of year calls for a holiday music playlist. Before decorating the house, putting ornaments on the tree, or wrapping gifts, start downloading your favorite holiday songs of 2021 on Apple Music. Get it free with select Unlimited plans.

With a 5G plan and powerful smartphone, like the Pixel 6 Pro or Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can build the ultimate festive playlist full of catchy holiday songs. Get speed, performance, and network coverage so you can download and stream songs anywhere you go.

Pass the eggnog and get ready to crank up the tunes. We’ve included several suggestions below to get your playlist started.


father and son opening up jbl flip 5 bluetooth speaker on christmas

Traditional tunes to include

Some songs just scream December and have to be played year after year. When it comes down to it, the holiday classics can’t be beat. 

Add instrumental Christmas music to your playlist for the perfect jolly background noise. Connect your Apple Airpods Pro and listen to the songs in the office when you need to shake your Grinch mood. 


man with headphones listing to holiday playlist on smartphone

Sprinkle in the new classics

Outside of the popular classics, some great — and more current—options are sure to spread cheer. Add in a few modern hits to keep everyone in high spirits while decorating gingerbread men or sitting by the fire in your Santa pajamas. 


family dancing in front of christmas tree listing to holiday music playlist

Get the party started 

Rock around the Christmas tree with these dance-ready hits. Take party anywhere in your home or on the go (if the urge to go caroling hits you) with the JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth Speaker. 

It wouldn’t be a holiday music playlist without this iconic tune. Go ahead, sing along, but leave the high notes to the diva herself. 

There’s something magical about holiday music but listening to radio stations play the same songs over and over again can be a bore. We’ve created out own holiday 2021 playlist you can check out below.


Cellular Sales 2021 Holiday Music Playlist

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