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Holiday Bright Ideas

Five bright ideas to light up your holidays

The best part of the holiday season is sharing it with those who mean the most. If you’re looking for safe ways to be festive this year, check out these bright ideas.

1. Get out and take in your favorite holiday lights.

Light displays and decorations are part of the fun of the holiday season – why not turn it into a fun activity? Take a socially distanced stroll or drive through the neighborhood and snap photos of your favorites. Then, share them with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CSBrightIdeas.

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2. Add Santa to your holiday snapshots.

If you’ve got little ones who are excited about a visit from a certain man in a red suit, or you’re just looking to add some holiday spirit to your photos, try the Santa Moments app (iOS & Android). This easy-to-use app shows Santa in your live camera, so it looks like he’s standing right in the shot as you snap a picture. Add elves, snowmen, and other holiday characters for full and festive group photos your kids will love.

3. Create your own light show using smart lights.

Add extra fun to your holiday tree. With smart lights, you can download an app to your smartphone or tablet and control the colors and blinking patterns of your lights. You can even program your Amazon Echo to change them for you on command. It’s a fun and simple way to add some extra sparkle to your holiday festivities.

4. Host a remote holiday sweater party.

Show off your tackiest holiday sweaters to your closest friends this season by hosting a fun and festive party with Zoom or other video conference software. Play online games together, conduct a carol sing-along, share your warmest memories, and take one epic group photo showcasing all your holiday sweaters. Get creative with costume changes or a group playlist for a synched-up dance break.

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5. Craft eye-catching holiday e-greetings.

The Punchbowl app is a quick and easy way to send personalized e-cards to your friends and family this season. Just import your photos into the template you like best, customize it to fit your style, and text or email it to your loved ones when you’re finished. It’s simple and efficient, and allows you to send love while practicing social distancing.

No matter what bright ideas you choose to celebrate the season, we’d love to see your holiday snapshots! Share them with us on social media using #CSBrightIdeas and spread the love.

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