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Valentine’s Day Apps

Survive Valentine’s Day, whatever your Facebook “relationship status.”

It’s Almost Here!

Love it or hate it, this day of romance is fast approaching. We at Cellular Sales like to use smartphone tech to help out IRL as much as we can, and Valentine’s Day is no exception! So if you’re looking to ramp up the romance, we’ve got a suggestion or two. And if you’re just tryin’ to enjoy the single life, we can help you out there, as well.

Read on to discover our favorite Valentine’s Day apps:

Let's eat!

Open Table Mobile

Oh, crap! It’s 4:30 already, and you were supposed to make Valentine’s Day dinner reservations! You can’t take her to McDonald’s yet again. It was cute last year, when you claimed you were “reliving your younger days together.” She’ll get suspicious if you try that trick again. So, lest you be relegated to the couch on this romantic evening, let’s regroup and use Open Table Mobile, an app that lets you reserve your table from your smartphone. Need to change your plans? Manage the reservation from the app. Need to find a restaurant in the first place? Open Table Mobile has you covered there, too.

Let's meet!


This one may sound like a workout app, but it’s not. It’s engineered specifically for those who’ve suffered through one too many bad dates. With bod, you can ditch the guy your mom’s friend from work set you up with and find someone else who also wants to escape a bad date. It’s a little like dating roulette. Who knows, maybe two bad dates can make a good one?

Write it!

Red Stamp

Create digital and paper cards to brighten someone’s day through this award-winning app. It’s a great way to spread some love around. Did we mention it’s free?

Watch me!


Only for Apple users, this popular app lets you find movies, reserve tickets and read reviews, among other capabilities. Dinner and a movie: it’s a classic Valentine’s Day date!

Plan it!


Another Apple exclusive, Gravy is perfect for those times you’re all dressed up and looking for somewhere to go. It gives you a list of nearby activities based on your mood. We think it’s perfect for adventurous couples, or for singles looking to get out of the house on this notoriously coupl-ey day!

Call me!

Ok, this isn’t technically an app, but we have devices and accessories to sweeten any day. And, hey, there’s nothing wrong with buying yourself a little Valentine’s Day treat!

Use your smartphone to get more enjoyment out of this Valentine’s Day, and hopefully you’ll be seeing hearts instead of stars!