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Total Mobile Protection

Protect your smartphone with Total Mobile Protection. It’s a lot more than just phone insurance. Enroll now

Does this sound familiar?

You’re juggling an armload of groceries, trying to unlock your front door. Your kids are arguing, you still need to get dinner started, and your mom is calling you … yup, there’s her signature ring tone. You fumble your phone and it hits the concrete stoop. And then … oh, no! Your kids are still arguing, and one of them stomps your phone by accident. If it was salvageable when it first hit the concrete, it’s toast now.

What, now?

Chances are, your Cellular Sales rep already spoke to you about Total Mobile Protection, and you signed up. So, don’t worry. It’s a great plan, protecting your device against loss, theft, cracked screens, even water or heat damage. 

Remote backup, remote wipe, and more…

Total Mobile Protection does more than just replace a broken phone. They’ve got your back for a whole lot more, like misplaced or stolen phones. You can even back up your smartphone and then wipe it with the remote wipe service that both Android and iOS provide. 

Tech Coach will help you
with ALL your tech!

Total Mobile Protection comes with an incredibly useful app called Tech Coach. With this app, you have expert tech advice at your fingertips. And here’s the coolest part about the Tech Coach service: you can ask about absolutely anything tech-related in your house! Have a problem with your smart tv? Call or message a tech expert through Tech Coach and he or she will work with you until you find the solution. Your wireless printer, home security system, even your wireless toys, like drones … if you got a problem, Tech Coach will solve it. All you have to do is call or message them through the Tech Coach app.

Quick device replacement

We get it. Your smartphone is basically your life: your contacts and photos, the ability to text and call and video chat … oh, and email! You need your phone to be back in commission, stat. With Total Mobile Protection, you can get your phone fixed or replaced asap. (In most cases, phones are shipped the next day.)

Still trying to decide?

Do you use your phone for work? Do you ever drop your phone? Is your phone under contract? Would it be incredibly inconvenient or expensive to have to pay for a whole new phone if yours breaks? Do you occasionally wish you could have a knowledgeable tech genie with answers to your smartphone questions, on-call?

If you’ve answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then you need Cellular Sales’ Total Mobile Protection. The Open Enrollment period is April 2-May 31. Just head to your local Cellular Sales store and ask your rep about Total Mobile Protection. Or, you can find out more here

If you aren’t sure whether you’re already enrolled, call or visit your Cellular Sales rep to find out. 



If you already have Total Mobile Protection, and you’re not using Tech Coach yet, download the app