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Tech vs. Homework

Tired of fighting about homework?

Hold the wifi hostage!

The Struggle… Tech vs. Homework

C’mon. It’s already 8:45 at night, and your kid has been Snap-Chatting it up all evening … but he’s got homework in, like, ALL the subjects due tomorrow. You know you’re about to nag him—again!—and you know what his response will be.

You: “Is your homework done?”

Your Kid: “Mom, get off my back! I’ll get it done!”

You: “That’s what you said a half-hour ago!”

Your Kid: “Mom, it’s not even a big deal!”

Hit pause and consider this: you’re the owner and operator of technology that can track your heart rate, compare grocery prices from across town, plot the fastest route from St. Louis to Miami based on real-time traffic. You can bet your sassy adolescent’s Instagram account that same tech can be used as an ally in the war to get him to DO HIS HOMEWORK!

Parenting is Hard.

Listen, we get it. Many of us are parents here at Cellular Sales, and we have compiled some of our favorite dirty tricks useful tips in winning the war on homework procrastination. Check these ideas out:

1. Simple is sometimes effective: use Google Calendar updates to send reminders to your kid’s Gmail account.

Pro Tip: Don’t go with “Homework time!” as the event name. Up the ante with “Time to start posting one of your baby pictures to Facebook for every hour your homework isn’t done.” If that one doesn’t put the fear of public humiliation in his heart, you could always go with one of these gems:
If your homework isn’t done by 8 p.m.
… You must go outside to enjoy nature.
… Yes, you have to Facetime with your Aunt Phyllis.
… You must participate in a public family outing.

2. Change the wifi password. Or, alternately, change the parental controls for your kids’ favorite websites (think social media!) After that, hold the password hostage until homework is proven to be done.

Pro tip: Probably a good idea to hold onto your kid’s phone until the homework’s done; otherwise he’ll just do his hashtagging through the cell data.

3. Use a carrot along with the stick. For each week your kid gets a move on to finish his assignments ahead of time, add a little privilege to his world.

Pro tip: Some treats might include data plan upgrades or accessories all the cool kids are using! And if your kid pulls in all A’s? Time for a new phone! (What can we say? We’re Cellular Sales. We love new phones.)

4. Utilize apps like Freedom to block distracting social media sites and apps. You can set schedules to block certain sites or even block the whole internet for a certain amount of time! Pricing ranges from $129/unlimited access for a lifetime to $2.42/month for a year’s subscription.

Pro tip: This isn’t such a bad idea for those times when YOU really need to get some work done. Just sayin’.

All’s fair in love and war … which is essentially the perfect description of parenting. Hey, just remember: he’ll thank you when he’s older!