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Summer Road Trip!!!

Roll the windows down and turn up your summertime playlist. It’s time for a road trip!


Apps for the journey AND the destination!


hum app iconHum App

This free app can get you where you’re going this summer with navigation, but it also helps out with discounts on flights, activities, hotels, rentals and more local and travel savings! Plus, the app lets you track mileage history, driving habits (great for teen drivers) and gas mileage.

roadtrippers app iconRoadtrippers

If you’re the type to schedule out bathroom stops and zoom on by roadside attractions because they’re “not in the schedule,” this might not be the app for you. If you love to find roads less traveled, sample the world’s most diverse collection of chewing gum, sit in the world’s tallest dining room chair … you NEED to download the Roadtrippers app.

The app’s Chronicles Blog features trip distractions (or trip goals?) like, “An entire town of fairytale cottages just off highway 101” and more. The app’s Interstate Highway Exit Guides give you a moving strategy for the best places to eat, sleep and stretch your legs en route.

Still in planning stages? Roadtrippers has you covered with any themed vacay you want: National Park Tour, Weird, Offbeat Tours, City-specific Tours …

Create itineraries and maps that feature quirkier, out-of-the-way stuff than Google maps can offer. You can even share your favorite trips with friends.

waze app iconWaze

The Waze app is locked and loaded to give you real-time directions, including info like where there’s a stalled car on the shoulder of the interstate, and where there’s a red light traffic camera up ahead. What makes Waze unique is its community; traffic problems and back-road shortcuts are reported by other Waze members. It’s the ultimate in crowd-sourcing back road routes, best gas prices in town, even syncing arrival times for when you meet your friends out for dinner. Summer trips are a breeze with Waze!

Got your road-trip playlist?

Nobody wants to be stuck listening to the same song on repeat (a la How I Met Your Mother.) Get your playlist on with Spotify (or one of our other favorite streaming apps.) Check out our blog on streaming music for more music tips!

To get you started, here are a few great summer road trip playlists already compiled for your cruising pleasure:

Extra data with PopData

Verizon’s PopData is the perfect solution for data-sucking stuff like navigation, music and video streaming and looking up weird landmarks on Wikipedia. Oh, yeah! And, don’t forget posting all your adventures to social media! For $2, you can buy 30 minutes of unlimited data with PopData. 60 minutes is $3. The best part? All you have to do to is click on the PopData link through the My Verizon app on your smartphone, follow the prompts and voila! Extra data delivered, and you’re not at the mercy of public Wi-Fi.

Mobile hotspot with HumX

Speaking of Wi-Fi … if you’ve got HumX, you’ve got it! Turn your family wagon into a mobile hotspot. HumX also comes with great features to help you feel safe on the road, like 24/7 Emergency Assistance, Vehicle Diagnostics and more! Hum can even call for emergency services if it detects a crash.

Accessories! Like rockin’ flames on the side of your car … but, for your smartphone.

Ready to get the dance party started at the Airstream glampground? Plug in the Wonderboom and rock out! Check out earphones for your summer playlist, cases to keep out the road dust, portable phone chargers to keep that battery bar lit and more at