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Santa Sightings Ahead with these Apps!

Finally get proof about Santa with photo apps and a Christmas Eve Santa tracker!

Santa’s gone high-tech. The good news? You can, too.

Here are a few ways to inject a little Christmas spirit into your smartphone pics, and track Santa’s progress on Christmas Eve from the palm of your hand.

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Download these festive apps.

takeapicturewithsanta app iconTake a picture with Santa for Android 
This app is simple, but fun. It does just what the name says: inserts Santa into your photos. Tip: take a pic of your tree and add Santa, then show your little ones the proof that the big guy really was there when they wake up Christmas morning!

snapsanta app iconSnap Santa for iOS

If you’re looking for a silly way to play with the kids—or send festive selfies to your friends—this app does it. Add cartoon hats, masks, beards and more to amp up the cheer in your smartphone pics.

NORADtrackssanta app iconNORAD tracks Santa Claus
For the ultimate, time-tested Santa tracker, NORAD wins the tinsel. Take some time to explore the website for holiday music, games, mini-movies and more. You can track Santa on your browser, or download the app to your smartphone—probably the best option, if you and the family are doing your own traveling Christmas Eve.

And if you are traveling, be sure to check out Hum, which turns almost any car into a smart car. Holiday travel is unpredictable. Hum can help.

Get your matching family jammies on and have a Merry Christmas! Need help with finding the best smartphone and accessories, on the best plan? We may not have elves, but we have the next best thing—wireless experts, ready to point you in the right direction. You can even wear your Christmas jammies to the store, if you want.