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Let’s Hear it For Mom!

Mom, you’re the best!

Mother’s Day is May 13. It’s a great time to give a blog shout-out to those influential women in our lives. So, let’s hear it for Mom!

Parenting these days is hard. Luckily, we have these hand-held computers that let us stay in contact with families, keep our schedules together and even connect with other moms.

Finding Mom friends

Sometimes having kids gets you waaaay too close to other people. (Sorry, guy in the checkout line who now has a wet lollipop stuck to your sweater.) But being a mom can feel lonely, too; not everyone gets nap schedules and after-school ballet class, and how nobody in your family can ever go to the bounce house again. Ever. Luckily, other moms have the same troubles. Here are a couple of apps you can use to find like-minded moms:


Mushmush app icon

Mush is a social media platform made just for moms! It’s an app that lets you see other moms in the area who are open to playdates and moms-only hangouts. Hey, it can be hard to find friends when your life is all about Cheerios, yoga pants and “Hey, don’t put that in your mouth!”


helloMamas app iconhelloMamas

Sometimes, moms have questions that can only be answered by other moms. Enter helloMamas, an app that connects moms for everything from friendship to playdates to answers about questions on diapers, food allergies and more.

De-stress apps

No matter how old your kids are, there’s no question that becoming a mom came with a whole lotta stress. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself with these self-care apps:


Breathe2Relax app iconBreathe2Relax

This app educates you on the effects of stress on your body, and how to breathe through it to get the most effective stress relief. Get it on iTunes or Google Play.


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app iconSleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Getting enough sleep is important, especially as a Mom, but it’s also important to wake up at the right time. With Sleep Cycle, you can sync your alarm with the best time to come out of your natural sleep cycle. Assuming your kids or dog don’t wake you up with crashing noises from downstairs …

Stay connected with Verizon Smart Family

Verizon Smart Family is part kid-tracker, part internet nanny. There’s a lot of scary stuff on the internet these days: fending off cyberbullying and R-rated sites seems like just the tip of the iceberg. But with content filters on Verizon Smart Family, you can breathe a little easier.

Having trouble getting your kid to finish her homework before bed? Set text, call and data limits. Want to make sure he made it to soccer practice? Set an alert when he gets there. Verizon Smart Family does all that. Try it out for 30 days free. After that, it’s just $9.99/month.

Data for the whole family with Verizon Go Unlimited Plan

Let’s be honest. Your teen is sucking up the family’s data like nobody’s business. Take the stress out of your plan. For $40/line/month for four lines, you’ll get unlimited 4G LTE data, unlimited talk and text, unlimited mobile hotspot and more! So, to recap: Verizon Go Unlimited Plan = less stress.

Hum by Verizon lets you keep an eye on your teen driver, even when you’re not in the car.

Car trouble, accidents, maintenance reminders: Hum’s got you covered. Really! It can diagnose problems, call for help even when you can’t, get you pointed in the right direction when you’re lost … Hum even lets you set driving boundaries and speed alerts, and receive alerts when your teen exceeds the limits or leaves specified areas.


We know the Mom Life is a hard life. We’ve got your back. Don’t forget about our ideas on coercing convincing your kids to get their homework done, and advice on handling cyberbullies in the #ParentLife category of our blog!

And check out our Cellular Sales Mother’s Day gift guide for cases, headphones, speakers and more cool smartphone accessories! Thanks for being the best, Mom.