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Hack the Corn Maze this Halloween!

Hint: your smartphone isn’t just for digital Marco Polo. Use it to get through the corn maze!

Thousands of people flock to the corn every Halloween, like wingless crows, looking for a good time and maybe even a scare or two as they get lost and then found again in the maze. Some rely on simple luck and intuition to get through, and some use maps or try to bribe the elevated maze spotters.

Once upon a time, corn maze creators charted their masterpieces on paper and plotted out their course using maps and a prayer. Since the early 2000s, farmers have been using GPS and special software to create some pretty spectacular mazes. And, hey, if they can use GPS to make it … we can use GPS to rock it!

Unfortunately, you can only see the intricacies of the maze if you have a drone to get the view from the sky. Those of us on the ground have to get creative as we wend our way through walls of corn and the occasional teenager in zombie makeup.

If you’re a maze-walker who just wants to stroll around and enjoy the moment, bring your earphones and a spooky Halloween playlist to set the atmosphere. Consider a GoPro for some a-maze-ing action shots! And don’t forget to protect your phone with a good case. You want to leave the maze with great memories, not a dirty phone.

Dominate the maze, with our best tips on hacking it this Halloween!

Use your smartphone!

  • Your flashlight function isn’t just for fumbling with your house keys in the dark. Enough said.
  • Some corn mazes now have their own apps, or at least a map accessible through their website. It can’t hurt to check!
  • Make sure you have a compass function at the ready. You can try the Compass app for Android
    or the Compass app for iOS.

Get an edge on the competition.

Go to It’s browser-based, so you don’t need to download an app, just enter a maze’s code to see exactly where you are in the pattern. Not all mazes are registered through the site, but it’s worth a shot!

child running through corn maze

Have a corny road trip.

Looking for an amazing corn maze this fall? (Or any excuse for a road trip weekend?) Jump in the car and head to one of the 25 best corn mazes, according to Country Living magazine. Here are a few of our picks:

The Corn Maze at Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon, California: It’s the world’s largest, certified by Guinness World Records.

Coolspring Corn Maze in Mercer, Pennsylvania: If you go on a rainy day, you can still navigate the indoor hay maze.

Hubb’s Farm Corn Maze in Clinton, North Carolina: Inspired by the movie “Field of Dreams,” this maze brings a little nostalgia to its iconic fall fun.

Dress for corn maze success!

No Halloween post would be complete without a mention of costumes. Make sure you dress for warmth as well as maximum fun! Fall weather is notoriously fickle for most of us, so wear some layers under your costume. Don’t be surprised if you get muddy—maybe opt for something that hides dirt. Check out this Pinterest search for warm costume ideas!

Have fun solving the maze, and Happy Halloween!