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Get Beach-Ready for Spring Break!

We’re not talking about rockin’ abs. You need some tech for the family vacation.

Your Kids’ Spring Break is coming—is your smartphone prepared?

It’s time to get the family beach-ready for Spring Break! (Put down the kettle bell. This is not a post about getting ripped. We’re not talking about getting bronzed, either. We think you look great just like you are.)

We’re talking about getting all your digital tracks and books, waterproof electronics, and sweet smartphone case all packed up and ready for the family vacay or Spring Break trip in the sunshine!

Parents know what it’s like: planning a family trip that’s at least a little relaxing for you AND fun for the kids is a struggle. The beach is always a good option, mostly because you can set up your relaxation station under the umbrella while your kids make sandcastles, fly their kites and go seashell hunting! Well, okay… you can get in on some of that fun stuff, too.

We at Cellular Sales never leave home without a few choice pieces of tech, and we have suggestions on speakers, cases and accessories make your beach trip even more fun. Ready to get packing? Let’s go!

Waterproof Speaker

First, the popular Wonderboom speaker kicks the Spring Break beach party up to the next level. The sound quality on this baby is sweet, with drop-proof and waterproof technology, with a 100-foot Bluetooth range. You can use button controls on the speaker to pause, play or skip tunes.

Blast some Lady Gaga at the beach with no hesitations. Or, you know, the soundtrack to Frozen. No judgement here.


Next, don’t forget to load up your smartphone with all your favorite relax-in-the-sand music. We like Otis Redding’s “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay,” Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” and Don McLean’s “American Pie,” for starters.

Don’t want to make your own? Download Spotify or TuneIn for ready-made, vacation-worthy stations and playlists. Then, you’ll be the best Spring Break DJ on the shore!

 Waterproof Case

So, your son dropped your new smartphone in the water taking family selfies. It’s okay! No, really. Because you remembered to put it in your new, waterproof case. Just fish that bad boy out of the ocean and resume documenting the epic sandcastle contest.




Fitness Tracker

All that searching for seashells and tossing the Nerf ball really racks up the steps! Don’t forget to pack your wearable fitness tracker.

Note: It’s also a great hydration-and-sunscreen reminder tool: set yourself some reminders to keep drinking water and re-applying the SPF 30! You’ll thank us later, when you’re NOT crying every time someone wants to give you a friendly pat on the back.

 Go Pro

Is this the year you’re finally going to try windsurfing? Then it’s also the year you’re strapping on the GoPro! Trust us. You won’t regret it when you’re reliving the whole thing, with a soundtrack of your own voice screaming “Oh, my goodness! This is aaaaahmaaazing!” (Yes, you really do sound like that. And it’s okay.)


Like kicking back with a good book on Spring Break? Complete your digital checklist with a great book or two loaded on your tablet or smartphone! Plus, if you need a little inspiration, here’s a list of books to read by Harper’s Bazaar.

Great vacay apps

Surfline gives you real-time updates on surf forecasts and reports, complete with views from surf cams.

Similarly, Tides Near Me gets you the tide and current reports, so you know if the water is safe for swimming.

UVLens provides the UV report for your area, so you can determine the best time to be outside, how much sunscreen you need (and when!) You can even take a skin-type test to find out how long you should be in the sun.

Finally, check out the shark activity in your area with Global Shark Tracker for Apple and GHRI Shark Tracker for Android!


Got all that? Don’t forget snacks, lots of water and a huge bottle of sunscreen. Finally, have fun!