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Tips and Apps to Own Black Friday

Get your Black Friday game face on.

It’s time to compare Black Friday deals, make your list (check it twice), and own this national day of shopping.

Read on for some tips, sites and apps to achieve Black Friday success! Oh, and check out our Black Friday deals and gift guide. You’re welcome.

Prep for the big day.

Check retail ads and comparison shopping sites in the days leading to Black Friday. Take a lesson from the big guy in red, and make a list. Figure out what you really, really want to buy, so you don’t succumb to shopping frenzy and blow your whole budget on impulse items! Here are some of Consumer Reports’ recommended shopping sites:

May the apps be with you.

Apps are your best friend on Black Friday. Don’t go store to store to comparison shop; use one of these apps to research products with your smartphone and let the internet do its magic. Hot tip: these sites are also your best friend on Cyber Monday!

BuyVia app iconBuy Via
This app shops the most popular retailers, like Amazon, Target & more, to compare prices. You can customize your deals by store or product to shop for the best deals and coupons


BuyVia app iconFlipp
All your favorite store circulars and ads are compiled in one place with Flipp. Browse Black Friday deals, all in one place.


BuyVia app iconShopkick
This rewards app give you “kicks” that add up to redeemable gift cards every time you go shopping.


BuyVia app iconShopular
With the added magic of geolocating, this app sends you store promotions when you’re nearby.


Compare specs for items like smartphones.

As we’ve mentioned, Black Friday is a great time to buy a new smartphone. CNET published this article with a few tips on what to keep in mind when shopping for your new device:

  • Apple or Android? It’s an age-old debate. Each has their own quirks and perks.
  • How long is the battery life?
  • How good is the camera?
  • Is the cutting-edge, flagship model important for you, or do you go for savings?
  • How long do you plan to keep your phone?

Remember to add in important accessories like a protective case, chargers, headphones or speakers, etc., when you calculate how much you’re willing to spend. You’ll want to get the most out of your new phone!

Check our deals and gift guide.

Cellular Sales has great deals for Black Friday! Hundreds of dollars off premium iPhone and Android smartphones, tablets, wearables and more. And, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite tech gifts, like cases, chargers, speakers and more. There’s something for just about everyone … as long as they like phones, music, cameras and fun accessories.