AirDroid: Multi-Screen Magic

Get this app to streamline your Android phone, computer and tablet functions.

Got an Android Smartphone? Got a lot of other screens, too?

We at Cellular Sales … hold on, we’re getting a text. Ok, sorry about that. Anyway, we’d like to talk about … hold on, there’s an email. We need to download a file. Excuse us while we switch from our tablet to the desktop. Oh, there’s another text from a coworker … where’s the phone!?

Anyone who works in this age of smart gadgets knows the screen-juggle struggle is real. Instant messaging, emails, texts, downloads and docs … and trying to put together reports saved on your desktop with graphics sent to your phone, and, oh, where’s the article you saved to your tablet while you were waiting at the airport?

AirDroid AppEnter AirDroid

Stop going from screen to screen and download the AirDroid app. It’s a file transfer and notification tool, allowing you to manage your Android smartphone or tablet from your computer. This works with Windows and Mac systems. Read and reply to texts, and use any of the smartphone apps you want, all on the big screen of your desk or laptop. Bonus: you can text using your big keyboard!

This app is great for doing smartphone housekeeping tasks, too. Organize photos on your computer screen! Clean memory and boost your phone speed!

See what your phone sees …

On your computer screen! Ok, this isn’t really helpful for productivity, but the prank possibilities are pretty cool.

Hey, you can’t work all the time, right?

Update: Android Messages has a new trick! Check out our post here to find out how to easily view your texts on the app’s new Messages for web feature.