Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy our smartphones, even when we’re offline!

Airport Purgatory

Metal detectorYou’ve made it through the TSA line, put your shoes back on and finally boarded the plane. You’re ready to fly high and catch up on some streaming videos! Not so fast—the flight attendant has just reminded you to activate the Airplane Mode on your connected device. Sigh. Now you’re committed to hours of no legroom, no texts or calls, and no email updates. Oh yeah, and no internet browsing.

We at Cellular Sales feel your pain (and that maddening tingling as your legs fall asleep!) But, it’s our personal philosophy to make the most out of our smartphones in any situation, so we’ve come up with some reasons to celebrate Airplane Mode, and we’re sharing them with you! Read on to find out our six favorite things to do with our phones off-line:


1. Catch up on your reading.

You’ll have to choose and download your ebooks while you still have access to wifi, but once you do, you’ll be all set for hours of literary pleasure! If you already have a Kindle, then downloading the Kindle app for iOS or Android is pretty simple. Here are some of our other favorite electronic media apps:

Google Play Books

Allows you to access your media downloads offline via your browser or device, provides highly personalized recommendations, and enables you to adjust your font, text size and page color, for a totally custom experience.


Gives you access to the eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming videos of over 30,000 libraries worldwide, so you’ll be able to access your favorite new media 24/7, without rental or late fees. Get out your library card and download the app!


Barnes and Noble’s classic reader. Enables you to share downloads across profiles, add notes, bookmarks, and highlights, access an in-app dictionary, and more.[/five_sixth_last]

2. Binge-watch your favorite shows.

Now that Netflix allows subscribers to download TV shows and movies to their devices, you can download before you lose connectivity, and then watch anytime, anywhere. Download the Netflix app first. [link][/five_sixth_last]

3. Clean some house.

You have the time, so why not do a little digital house-keeping by prioritizing goals, getting organized, and sweeping out the cobwebs? You’ll land at your destination clear-headed and ready for anything.

Organize your photos.

Most of us spend far more time snapping photos than organizing them, but sitting on a plane provides the perfect opportunity to trash the ones you don’t want, and organize the others by theme, place or date.

Clean out your contacts.

Duplicate contacts, inactive numbers, people you haven’t seen or spoken to since approximately 1997 … clear out that address book!

Organize your calendar.

You’re headed to somewhere awesome, so why not take some time during your flight to organize your schedule for the next few days? You won’t be able to look up restaurants and events, but you can at least create an activity wish list, so you can start enjoying your trip as soon as you land.



4. Set some goals.

Use your “Notes” app to do just that. Make an outline for the self-help book you’ve been planning to write. Do a little introspection. Bucket list, home improvement projects, financial goals … now’s the perfect time to get it all out of your head!

If you use an app like Evernote, you can instantly sync all your lists and turn them into to-do’s in your favorite task-management app as soon as you get out of airplane mode.



5. Get in your head!

You’re off-line anyway, so now’s a great time to practice living in the moment. Here are some of our favorite apps to improve mindfulness and overall well-being:

Headspace uses guided meditation to help you sleep better, diffuse anxiety, improve focus, and reduce overall daily stress for a more satisfying life.

Calm is the perfect meditation app for beginners, but also includes hundreds of programs for more advanced meditation gurus.

The Mindfulness App offers personalized meditations that promise to help you achieve a more relaxed and healthier state of mind so you can be more present in your daily life.



6. Play a game.

When all else fails, play a game! There are tons available even when WIFI isn’t, so take your pick, download before your flight, and get to playing!

Skiplit is an awesome single-player game that can be played even in Airplane Mode. We should warn you, though— it’s as addictive as it is simple, so be wary of spending more time playing on your phone than enjoying your vacation.

Mandala Coloring Pages provides hundreds of pages for both adults and kids.

Crossy Road is the game for you if you loved its predecessor: Frogger. This blast from the past will keep you entertained for hours.

There you have it! Some of our favorite ways to maximize Airplane Mode time. We can’t help you with the lady snoring on your shoulder, but maybe our tips can help your journeys be a little happier.

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