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5 ways to celebrate Leap Year

Looking for some fun Leap Year activities to do with your friends and family this year? Since Leap Day 2020 falls on a Saturday, we came up with five exciting Leap Year activities you can enjoy over the weekend.


1. Throw a Leap Day party.


Leap Year is the perfect excuse to have your friends and family over for a party. You could make some festive snacks, stream your favorite movies, play games, and more! Heads Up! (iOS & Android) is similar to charades, but with a modern twist. One person holds their smartphone up to their forehead with the screen facing out. Your friends must work together to help you guess what’s on the screen. It’s the perfect game for any size group!


Need snack ideas too? Check out these chocolate-covered Oreo frogs.


Chocolate Covered Oreo Frogs Leap Year


2. Create a Leap Day time capsule.


Can you remember what you were feeling, hoping for or thinking about four years ago? Since leap years only take place every four years, it’s the perfect reason to create a time capsule for yourself and your family. You can include funny things like the #1 song on the Top 40 charts, the movies currently in theaters, and other pop culture fun facts to reflect on when you revisit in four years. You can also include more personal mementos, like photos from this year, letters to your future self, or a bucket list. Make sure you put it somewhere safe where it won’t be disturbed until the next Leap Year!


If you want to look back and see what you were up to four years ago, check out Timehop (iOS & Android). Timehop connects to your social media accounts and lets you reminisce on old photos, videos, and posts.



3. Take a mini road trip.


Celebrate Leap Year by traveling somewhere new, whether it’s 30 minutes away or three hours away. Wherever you decide to go, don’t forget to bring Hum with you. Hum helps you stay safe and connected on the road with features like pinpoint roadside, maintenance reminders and a Wi-Fi Hotspot.


4. Marathon your favorite shows and movies.


You don’t have to leave the house to celebrate Leap Year – kick back and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows instead. Using your smartphone, tablet or TV, you can stream all your favorite shows and films with YouTube TV, Disney+, Amazon Prime and more.


Even better, you can have access to a month free of YouTube TV and an entire year of Disney+ free just for being a Verizon customer. To learn more about these limited time offers, swing by your nearest Cellular Sales store.



5. Get ahead on spring cleaning.


With this extra day, why not get a head start on your spring cleaning? Start small by emptying your dresser or going through your wardrobe and get rid of the clothing items you don’t wear anymore. If you really want a fresh start, empty your closets, cabinets, and drawers and sort through everything. This allows you to put everything back in a neat and organized way and helps you evaluate whether you really need something or not.


Then, once you’ve gathered all the things you no longer want, find a place in your area to donate them! There are tons of shelters and nonprofit organizations that could really benefit from your unwanted items.


Need a little extra help? Check out the Tody app (iOS & Android). Tody is a to-do list app that helps you manage household tasks and projects and motivates you to get the job done. You can also sync to-do lists with other housemates and delegate chores.


No matter how you choose to celebrate Leap Year, we hope you have a blast!

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