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woman using smartphone tools to help with grocery shopping

5 handy smartphone tools you can use right now

Smartphones are vital tools for managing our lives. They help keep us connected and organized, however, there are many other unexpectedly helpful things a smartphone can do with the help of some handy apps. Check out these five convenient smartphone tools, then give them a try yourself.

couple using bubble leveler app - smartphone tools you can use right now

Keep things level

You never know when you’ll need to make sure things are level, which is where this smartphone tool comes in handy. With apps like Bubble Level or iHandy Level, you can use your smartphone just like a traditional level to ensure things are sitting straight. 

Person measuring desk with smartphone app

Measure distances

Need to see how long your couch is, or want to know the height of a road sign? With useful apps for your smartphone like Distance Meter and the Measure app, you can use your camera to get accurate measurements in a flash. 

woman scanning barcode of product with app

Scan barcodes

Whether you want to look up a product’s details or scan a QR code, your smartphone can help with that. In newer smartphones like the Apple iPhone 12, OnePlus 8, Samsung Galaxy A51, and Motorola One, the camera automatically recognizes QR codes and opens the links attached to them. However, apps like QR Reader for iPhone and QR & Barcode Scanner for Android are helpful if your phone doesn’t yet have that built-in feature.

person using universal remote app on smartphone

Always have your remote handy

Losing your TV remote is no longer the end of the world when you have apps like Universal Remote TV Smart and Universal Remote for All TV on your smartphone. Just sync them up to your television and use your phone like you would use your normal TV remote.

man checking car diagnostic app in car

Diagnose car issues

Another way to make the best use of your smartphone is by using the Carista app to diagnose your car troubles. You’ll never have to take your car to the shop for a “check engine” light again. Plus, access hidden unlocking features, control your car’s lights, and more.

Download one or all of these five useful apps for your smartphone and use your smartphone effectively to make your everyday life easier. For other useful smartphone tools, check out more blogs by Cellular Sales or visit your nearest Cellular Sales store to speak to a wireless sales consultant. 

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