10 iPhone X Tips and Tricks

Navigate your new iPhone like a pro with these shortcuts and tips.

Are you one of the lucky owners of a new Apple iPhone X, XR or XS? Wondering how to quickly navigate some of the basic or new features of this sleek machine?

We’ve done some digging to come up with these ten simple tips and tricks to help you feel like an iPhone expert in no time. In the meantime, if you’re looking to dress up your new phone, browse our cases, wireless speakers and more.

Go back with the notch

Tap on the notch to quickly return to the top of a webpage or doc.

Wake up Siri

You can either say, “Hey, Siri!” or long-press the side button to start Apple’s voice assistant.

Get notified

Get to the iPhone notifications by swiping down from the top left of the screen. (Fun fact: this page is now called “Cover Sheet.”)

Easily open your flashlight or camera

Launch your flashlight or camera without unlocking your phone: just press the icons on the lock screen. OR, if you’re an iPhone veteran, you can still swipe left from the lock screen to get to the camera.

Also, you can get to these and other functions on the Control Center screen, by swiping down from the top-right corner. (Fun tip: the corners of the phone are also known as ears, so you’d swipe from the right ear to open Control Center.)


Swipe from the bottom to about halfway up the screen. Your apps cards will shrink so you can see them and close the ones you’re done with. OR, swipe up and across from one of the bottom corners.

Clean up in multitasking view

Force an app (or multiple apps) to close with a long press, then swipe up to dismiss it.

Organize your home screen

An oldie but a goodie, this function works as it always has. Just long-press an app icon until they all wiggle, then move them around until your screen looks just right. Press “Done” in the top right.

Pay attention … or, not.

Your iPhone X uses the True Depth camera to run its Face ID and Attention Aware features. When it detects you’re looking at your phone, it will display certain information, or silence calls and alarms. You can turn this on or off in the Face ID & Passcode menu, under Settings.

Take a portrait

The bokeh, or blurry background that makes portrait mode so nice, is now also available on the front camera. Take a selfie that looks professional!

Turn it off

Now that the side button wakes up Siri, it’s not a dedicated power button. Press and hold one of the volume buttons simultaneously with the side button to access the “off” function. (Important fact: this is also how you quickly reach the “Medical ID” and “Emergency SOS” functions.)

Bonus Tips!

Double tap the side button to activate Apple Pay. Once you add your credit/debit cards, you can pay for things without fumbling for your wallet.

Say it with animoji! iPhone uses its facial recognition software to make little animal faces that use your own expressions. To make your own, tap the icon of a monkey in the App Store, then choose your animal. Make your own “animoji video” to send through iMessage.

It’s the simple things that make you feel like the master of your iPhone destiny! We hope these quick tips and tricks get you more comfortable with your iPhone X.


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