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10 apps for workaholics to help you work smarter

July 5th is National Workaholics Day, dedicated to those who work harder and longer than everyone else. The demands of a busy schedule can quickly become overwhelming. Use your wireless devices and these apps for workaholics to help you focus, manage time, and prioritize your obligations.

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Apps to make your work week easier

Evernote Download this app to your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to keep notes, files, photos, or voice memos. The phone’s S Pen lets you add document markups and sketch new ideas. Once you save the information, you can access it on all your devices and share with colleagues.

Trello Make managing your projects easier and less stressful with organized workflows and boards. Streamline your big projects by using to-do lists with descriptions, labels, and comments.

Rescue Time Track your daily progress and productivity on your Google Pixel 6 Pro. The app runs in the background and tracks time spent on apps and websites. You won’t have to worry about the app draining your power, thanks to the Pixel 6’s 24-hour adaptive battery. You’ll get a detailed report on your usage at the end of each day.

Splashtop Access all the files you have stored on your computer remotely. It gives you access to that specific computer instead of a storage cloud. It’s perfect for working outside the office on Apple iPad Pro. It comes in two sizes, a 12.9-inch display for large canvas realism and an 11-inch for pixel-perfect portability.

HotSchedules Easily manage your work-life balance with automatic shift pick-ups when your need more hours and time off requests when you need a break.

Mvelopes– Spending is easy, but budgeting is tricky for many. Create a quick plan to monitor your finances and make sure you spend your hard-earned money smartly. The app helps you eliminate debt and save more money in only 15 minutes.

And on days when you bring work home, you need a reliable connection to stay productive. With the Verizon 5G Do More plan, you get unlimited data, premium mobile hotspot, and savings on 5G home internet.

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Productivity beyond your 9-to-5

Being a workaholic means sometimes your health takes a backseat to work. Taking control of your well-being without sacrificing your busy schedule is essential. These apps for workaholics help you keep a great balance between the two.

Samsung Health Monitor- Open the app on your Samsung Galaxy Watch4. Track your steps, count calories, or monitor health stats on the go. While wearing your watch, consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator to your next meeting. Or park further from your job’s entrance to get moving while on the clock.

Yoga Studio Enjoy a yoga session without trekking to a gym after a long day at work. Set up your Galaxy Tab S8+ and download Yoga Studio. Follow along with 65 ready-made yoga and meditation classes, perfect for beginners.

Your job may be your focus. But as a workaholic, you sometimes need to disconnect from work and enjoy the fruits of your labor. These apps help you unwind after clocking out.

Mindfulness– Keep your cool through meditation before, after, or even during your workday. You can choose specific times you’d like to participate in guided meditations each day. The app will notify you when it’s time to begin. Then pop in your headphones and start relaxing.

Sleep Cycle Don’t throw your iPhone 13 Pro Max at a wall your morning alarm goes off. This app tracks your sleep patterns and detects snoring, sleep talking, and other sounds. It’s designed to gently wake you up during your lightest phase of sleep. If you have Apple Watch Series 7, you don’t even need your phone to track sleep patterns.

Visit your nearest Cellular Sales for the devices to help you work smarter. Our wireless consultants can even assist with downloading any of the apps for workaholics we’ve recommended above.

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