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Wilmington Office

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4209 Oleander DriveWilmington, NC 28403
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About Our Wilmington Office Store

Our Wilmington Office location is a full-service store for Verizon Wireless products and service. The newest 4G/LTE smartphones, devices and tablets are available locally in Wilmington. Come experience the speed of 4G/LTE, pay your bill or get a personalized rate plan analysis. Our Wilmington Office reps are standing by to help you.


I would like to let you know my experience at the Cellular Sales store I recently had the pleasure of visiting at 4209 Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403 and having the pleasure of meeting sales agent Mr. Joseph Wachtel. I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran and am an officer at the local Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 11 in Wilmington, North Carolina so all these new advanced phone devices come to me as a challenge. So when I went into the Verizon store to purchase my home phone charger and got to talking to Mr. Joseph Wachtel, I let him know how when I got out of town I have to use hotel WIFi and how I did not trust them, that’s when he informed me about the Mobile Hotspot MiFi 4510L and that Verizon was having a special on these.  So I got one. He gave me his mobile phone number and said if I ever had any question to please do not hesitate to call him he went over every little detail with me and was very efficient.  I feel he went beyond his duties to assistant me in every way possible to help me understand the device I had just got. I have never received this kind of service from any other company I deal with nor have I received this kind of excellent care from my pervious cellular.  So I just wanted to pass on to you my experience I have with one of your staff and to let you know he was very professional and gave me excellent service. And I really appreciated his care and the service I received this had also been a factor for me to stay with Verizon for many more years to come.-Jeff M.

Jeff M.
North Carolina

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